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MML Solutions GmbH offers technical solutions for cost optimization and yield increase, both for operators and for equipment and component manufacturers.

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The KombiSmartSensor, our tool for condition analysis and predictive maintenance

Joining FVA

We are proud to announce our membership of research association for drivetrain technology, FVA (Forschungsvereinigung Antriebtechnik FVA), since August 2023.

At MML Solutions, our team has profound expertise in drivetrain technology, coupled with a strong focus on practical applications. We are excited to offer our support in complex challenges and contributing to innovative projects within FVA's dynamic working groups. Our commitment to innovation drives us to apply cutting-edge solutions to our own projects as well.

FVA is an application-oriented and innovative research association that concentrates on drivetrain systems, materials, tribology, mechanics, and manufacturing. All German universities and drive-oriented companies actively participate under the FVA umbrella, completing an average of 100 projects annually. They continuously expand this unique knowledge base through the latest research in the aforementioned fields.

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MML SOLUTIONS at "WindEnergy Hamburg"

MML Solutions has presented KSM Sensor System and Platform at WindEnergy Hamburg 2022.

Grand Renewable Energy 2022 International Conference, Japan

Experts from MML Solutions are officially appointed to be members of the expert committee of the Grand Renewable Energy International Conference in Japan in December 2022.

Grand RE is an international platform headquartered in Japan. Every 4 years, the community from 40 countries meets here to exchange views on the latest challenges and solutions in the field of renewables.