KSM Gamma – for Pitch und Yaw Systems

Multi-drive systems are usually dynamic high-load systems, which are most frequently used as adjustment systems. One system includes the rotary joint with internal or external gears, the adjusting drives mostly as geared motors and in some applications a separate braking system. In certain applications, a separate brake system is dispensed with, but the number of drives is increased. These are operated braced and thus take over the braking task. The design and regulation of the system is very demanding. Failures due to overload, local resonance or faulty control strategy are common.

Monitoring such systems has not been economical with complex existing solutions for cost reasons. Our solution KSM-Gamma in online mode for online monitoring and in offline mode for root cause analysis (RCA) or as Trouble Shooting Device is now available. This enables cost-effective and effective monitoring and analysis of the entire system.

Based on our many years of experience in the dynamic calculation and design of multi-drive systems, we have developed a series of intelligent algorithms to enable the complete system analysis. Whether geometric deviations, abnormalities or damage within the drives, in the slewing connection itself (azimuth bearings or blade bearings) or in the brake system, KSM-Gamma is the ideal solution for multi-drive systems.

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Dr.-Ing. Samer Mtauweg