Localization of errors and support of the RCA

For both permanent monitoring in online mode and temporary use in off-line mode, using our advanced features solution is very valuable. With KSM2GO, we not only fulfill the overall task of a classic condition monitoring system, but thanks to the innovative technology of the KSM and the selection of an optimal measuring position coupled with intelligent algorithms perform a number of other important tasks:

Locating Damage and Abnormality: Accurate rotation
detection and intelligent algorithms can be used to detect
discrepancies, damage, and assembly errors on bearing rings, gears, and electrical machinery, such as bearings. Generator air gap deviations.
Algorithms for evaluating possible deviations in the gears (e.g.,
deviation from ideal involute shape), load sharing, and load
distribution in a planetary gearbox cover the entire field of gearbox

Detecting abnormal operating conditions and faulty control strategies

Very often operating loads occur, which are unknown in the load assumptions during the design phase and are therefore not taken into account. Experience shows that these are caused by different dynamic effects or faulty control and usually lead to damage and unexpected failures.

Because we have not only considered the classic aspects of condition monitoring in our KSM solution but have also optimized them with a deep understanding of drive technology and machine dynamics as well as system engineering, we can record irregular changes in system behavior. Every change in a system is associated with a change in the power distribution of the system and vibrations. We use this aspect to detect any anomalies in the operation.

The following images show analysis results of a KSM deployment on a wind turbine with a frequent pattern of damage to the main bearing. Through our solution and the intelligent algorithms, we were able to record relevant effects and trace them back to the origin. These effects can not be detected with the classical measuring and analysis methods.

According to special customer requirements, additional add-on functions can be integrated to expand the scope of analysis on the basis of special MML algorithms:

  • Unbalance detection and quantification of imbalance mass
  • Model-based Load Measurement
  • Monitoring of tower natural frequencies and tower head deflection

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