Kombi Smart Sensor

Whether predictive maintenance or digital twin in the field of drive technology in the context of Industry 4.0: the goal can be achieved optimally and cost-effectively through creative thinking and skilful application of the physical and mathematical foundations

Our deep understanding of powertrain systems and components and our many years of experience in developing, validating, serializing, operating and optimizing these systems form the basis of our technology, which is based on the following disciplines and experiences:

We combined this knowledge with a metrological and an algorithmic product catalog and designed smart,
flexible and efficient solutions:

  • Condition monitoring and diagnosis from many different wind turbines as well as from several wind farms
  • Dynamic simulations with the help of Finite Element Methods (FEM) and Multibody Simulations (MBS) accompanying tests and validation on multi-megawatt test benches for systems and individual components
  • Multi physics simulation with the help of Matlab Simulink for mapping the system behavior in different operating situations

TÜV Süd has confirmed the suitability of the KSM System as a fully-fledged monitoring system for the powertrain of a wind turbine with a detailed report!


for Drive-Train


for quick diagnosis



for Pitch and Yaw Systems