Reliability Analysis and MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures)

For the service cost planning and investigation of different contractual options, it’s essential for both manufacturers and operators to make realistic failure forecasts on the major components of the wind turbines. Our methodology makes it possible to calculate the reliability values of individual components as well as complete systems. Not only theoretical design aspects, but also entire product lifecycle are taken into account. That means, from production throughout assembly of the turbine and the parameters of turbine operation, all potential risk factors and sources of error are considered in our assessment.

Vibration analysis and condition monitoring as well as optimization of the operating strategy of the wind farms

Optimizations are also possible during ongoing operation of the plants, which primarily serve to increase the yield of the turbines and to minimize undesired downtimes. In these tasks, we support you with our know-how, our specially developed sensors and optimized algorithms, in order to carry out comprehensive component status analyzes and to define corrective measures within a very short time. Of course, we are also happy to assist you with the implementation of the measures.

Video endoscopy of gears & bearings

Using high-end equipment, we investigate the condition of your components for you and document the results in a report. Our reports are clearly structured and provide sound recommendations for action if the state of the components deviates from the target state. For significant abnormalities, which we quantify with the help of 3D depth measurement, we can help you estimate the risks of continued operation if replacement components are not immediately available.

RCA & Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting, damage analysis and
RCA (Root Cause Analysis)

As experts, we are happy to assist you in the analysis of claims and represent your interests towards the manufacturers of defective components. Thanks to our know-how in development, we are able to determine the damage mechanism even for complex damage by testing and proving different hypotheses with the aid of simulation models.

Developement of drive train
systems and components

We support you in the definition of concepts already in early development phase.
Our know-how helps you to avoid errors that can only be detected during the later operation of the systems, which can avoid massive costs for corrective measures

Calculation and optimization of drive train elements

(Gearing, rolling and sliding bearings, couplings) as well as static and dynamic analysis of components and (sub-) systems (FEM, MKS, SIMULINK)

The calculation results no longer depend on calculation programs today, but on the assumptions that are taken into account when modeling the components. It is crucial to work with assumptions and parameters that are as close to reality as possible in order to map real, and not just the specified operating mode. Here we put our experience from the operation and Troubleshooting gladly for you at the disposal.

Validation of compnents & systems

The physical tests on the test stands are still and quite rightly integral parts
of the product development process. However, identifying potential problems requires know-how from operation and in-depth knowledge of the behavior of the components in the system context. We are happy to be at your disposal for these tasks in order to achieve the maximum possible safety of your series products by optimizing the prototypes.

Person to contact
Dr.-Ing. Valentin Meimann