KSM – Drive Train

In the condition diagnostics of drive systems, we offer a smart solution for condition monitoring, early damage detection and optimization of the operating strategy. In contrast to previous commercially available sensors, in which the vibration signals are picked up on the housing, we rely on smart sensors, which we apply in a rotating system in a targeted and efficient manner. 

Our motivation for this new technology is to avoid the disadvantages of previous measurements on the housing structures, which are difficult despite different filter options due to distortions in the transmission path.

The MML solution: The combination-type sensor (KSM) can master the overall task of a condition monitoring system at a high technicallevel. As operative objectives of our solution we pursue:

  • Cost reduction of hardware, data management and maintenance of the system
  • Reduction in the number of sensors and the amount of data that does not provide additional information
  • Flexibility in development, planning, integration and installation
  • Easy integration and synchronization with the plant control and the SCADA system
  • Independence of the analyzes of the parameters of other systems (eg speed sensor) and thus easy retrofitting and integration

In order to optimize diagnostic reliability and extend the previous
functions of a classic condition monitoring system (CMS), we have
pursued the following goals in our development:

  • Prevention of damping effects of structural components (housings, machine carriers)
  • Prevention of interference from the frequencies of other structural components (power flow and sound path)
  • Extension of functions (system test, unbalance quantification, design verification, load monitoring, control input)
  • Localizing Damage and Utilizing Root Cause Analysis Results

Our solution is a combination because we’ve combined
multiple tasks in one sensor housing, including speed sensing. In this case, a complex and error-prone extra-speed measurement in
variable-speed systems is no longer necessary.

Unsere Lösung ist Smart, weil wir mit unseren langjährigen praktischen Erfahrungen und theoretischem Wissen eine Vielzahl von intelligenten Algorithmen erschaffen haben. Diese verkörpern eine Integration folgender Felder:

  • Classic Machine Diagnosis
  • Coupled Machine System Dynamics
  • Machine Elements & amp; Drive Technology
  • System Engineering (Wind Meteorology, Aerodynamics, Control Engineering, Wind Farm Engineering)
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Dr.-Ing. Samer Mtauweg